Bayu Noer is well known as a host in a local show titled, Mancing Mania where he is deemed to be a Professional Angler. He has been fishing since 1996 and diving since 2000 and with that he started his experiences as a cameraman on land and sea for many travelling documentaries such as “Jejak Petualangan” and “Petualangan Bahari” before he landed his show, Mancing Mania that he’s been hosting for 12 years now.

His achievement includes many fishing tournaments such as bagging both 1st places for IFT Fishing tournament in 2010 and the Bupati Cup Fishing Tournament in Atambua in 2017. He’s also ever joined the General Champion International Fishing Tournament in 2011 held in Timor Leste as well as the Species Winner of Banggai International Tuna fishing tournament in 2019.

Canro Simarmata is an outdoor content creator and mountaineer since 2016 and the first mountain he climbed was Mount Prau where he immediately fell in love with mountaineering. To date, he has climbed a total of 45 mountains in locally, where six of them are included in the Seven Summits of Indonesia namely, Mount Rinjani, Kerinci, Binaiya, Latimojong, Semeru, and Carstensz.

Canro has climbed Mount Rinjani 8 times, and setting foot on the highest peak in Indonesia, Carstensz Pyramid, is an extraordinary achievement.

Climbing and documenting the journey are two things that he always done every week. Chasing the moment of sunrise and sunset is a must-do in every mountain climb.

Satya Winnie is not just a travel blogger; she's a storyteller, an adventurer, and a cultural enthusiast. With an insatiable wanderlust and passion for adventures, Satya has made a name for herself as one of Indonesia's most influential travel bloggers and has been to 62 countries in the world and still counting.

Satya's journey began as a personal exploration of her homeland and over the years, her passion evolved into a dedicated pursuit of sharing the beauty and essence of Indonesia with the world. She loves hike and fly paragliding from highest mountains, explore the beauty of underwater world and any kind of extreme sport activities.

Her openness to new experiences and willingness to step outside her comfort zone have not only enriched her own travels but have also inspired her followers to embrace the unknown with open arms.


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