Columbia Plogging: Fostering Environmental Responsibility on Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day


In celebration of Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day, Columbia organized the event, “Columbia Plogging,” at Leuwi Pangaduan in Sentul, West Java. This event was a testament to Columbia’s commitment to environmental responsibility and drew participation from a group of individuals, including the local running community, partners, together with their Instagram followers..

The primary objective of the event was to celebrate Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day while fostering a sense of environmental responsibility. In honor of this occasion, participants embarked on an 8-kilometer track that took them from Leuwi Pangaduan to Paniisan Hill and back, covering a scenic route of nature. To further commemorate the day, some participants proudly wore the colors of the Indonesian flag, red and white, symbolizing their deep national pride while also uniting to free the mountains from trash and litter.

The event’s main activity was “plogging” or the act of picking up trash and litter while jogging. The Columbia Plogging event was a combination of trekking and jogging to Paniisan Hill, where participants actively engaged in collecting trash along the track. A total of 35 kilograms of waste was collected during the event, highlighting the importance of environmental preservation and responsible waste disposal.

In addition to the environmental efforts, the event also featured classic local games synonymous with Indonesia’s Independence Day celebrations. Participants played “Masukkan bendera dalam botol,” a game that involved placing flags inside bottles, and “Makan kerupuk,” a fun and challenging game where contestants attempt to eat crackers without using their hands. These games added a touch of tradition and cultural significance to the event.

The Columbia Plogging event successfully celebrated Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day while emphasizing the importance of environmental responsibility. Participants from the running community and community partners came together to actively engage in trash collection, classic local games, and a shared commitment to a cleaner and greener Indonesia. Columbia’s initiative showcased the brand’s dedication to both outdoor enthusiasts and the environment, leaving participants inspired to continue their journey towards a more sustainable future.

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